From the 1st State Lake to between two small unnamed lakes
Distance: 15.30km Elevation Gain: 915m

Started the day on trail to the 2nd State Lake and then eventually off trail to the Horseshoe Lakes and over three passes; Gray Pass, White Pass and Red Pass. At the end of the day I found a little spot to camp on between two unnamed little lakes.
Unnamed Lake on left side near Gray Pass
White Pass – which one is it?
Found it! The Northern view from White Pass
White Pass – Incredible views
Red Pass ahead! – the central notch
The little spot of blue on the left is Marion Lake, gotta head down there.
The stark beauty of the mountains from atop Red Pass
The way to Marion Lake – Steep!
I try not to fall as I walk down a steep gully towards Marion Lake
Finally! My home for the night between two small unnamed lakes surrounded by a rocky terrain and trees. Three days in and the difficulty of this route is living up to it’s reputation.

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