Lyell Fork of the Merced River to Vogelsang High Sierra Camp
Distance: 16.70km Elevation Gain: 945m

Easier day all on trail. Started later and finished earlier on this sunny day.
Good trail through the forest
Heading for Vogelsang High Sierra Camp (about 9km to go)
Very cool stairs cut out of the rock heading up to Vogelsang Pass
Thought this was Vogelsang Pass at first but the pass was much closer and to my left. Route finding wasn’t a concern today as the trail would take me where I needed to go.
Looking back
Well bordered trail close to Vogelsang lake
Vogelsang Lake and the surrounding mountain
Fletcher Lake and the mountain behind it close to the High Sierra Camp
Awesome spot to camp. The lack of rain and drama over the past days has been refreshing and appreciated!

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